Do You Require a Low Latency, High Speed Connection to AWS?

We Make it Easy to Connect at Gigabit Speed to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect gives customers the ability to connect directly to Amazon Web Services through a private network connection. Enterprise Hosting makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises, or hosting environment, to AWS through our Amaxon Web Services Direct Connect offering. Customers that use AWS Direct Connect will benefit from reduced network costs, low latency to AWS and increased throughput.

In order to utilize private, 1-hop high-speed connectivity to AWS, Customers can either:

  • Colocate network routing infrastructure (can be as simple as one router) with Enterprise Hosting and connect back to your production data center environment
  • Colocate all of their production environment with Enterprise Hosting in our data center
  • Utilize our Hosting Services (Managed Hosting or Cloud Computing) to host your production environment with us and connect directly to AWS

AWS Direct Connect lets you establish a dedicated network connection between your network and one of the AWS Direct Connect locations. Using industry standard 802.1q VLANs, this dedicated connection can be partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces. This allows you to use the same connection to access public resources such as objects stored in Amazon S3 using public IP address space, and private resources such as Amazon EC2 instances running within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using private IP space, while maintaining network separation between the public and private environments.

Enterprise Hosting offers AWS Direct Connect services from our data center presence located in Washington D.C.  Customers desiring AWS Direct Connect services can host router(s) connected back to their core infrastructure via network circuits or utilize our hosting services (Cloud, Dedicated and/or Colocation) to host their critical systems with us in Washington D.C. and connect directly to AWS.