Enterprise Cloud Service

Gain Speed and Flexibility via Highly Available Cloud Services for the Enterprise

Enterprise Hosting offers a suite of robust cloud services that can help customers become more agile, take advantage of financial benefits, and increased reliability and security. Our Enterprise Cloud offering is hosted within SSAE 16 certified data center facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, and Raleigh, North Carolina, on a fully redundant architecture with automatic failover to help ensure seamless server availability.

Our Enterprise Cloud service is designed for any type of environment (e.g., production, test, development) that requires the highest levels of reliability, performance, scalability and availability.

Enterprise Hosting’s cloud platform is built on best-in-class technology from VMware, Dell and Juniper Networks. Our services are backed by contractual service level agreements that help ensure 99.999% cloud availability and 100% customer satisfaction. You can also leverage our full suite of hosting/managed IT services to achieve a hybrid solution that meets your exact requirements.

Benefits of Enterprise Hosting’s Enterprise Cloud Service include:

  • High Availability, Performance, and Redundancy. Our cloud hosting platform is built on a highly available VMware virtual architecture and is backed by robust service level agreements. We utilize multiple Internet carriers for enhanced network performance, and we help to ensure high availability via multipath redundancy through Juniper firewalls and switches.
  • Accessibility and Failover. Customers have direct administrator access to servers in the Cloud via remote desktop protocol (RDP) or our SSL VPN service. Additionally, linking existing infrastructure between multiple sites can be accomplished through our site-to-site VPN service.
  • The Ability to Drive Application Availability: Private Cloud enables the live migration of running servers from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability, and complete transaction integrity. Our dedicated cloud platform utilizes VMware, a key enabling technology for creating the dynamic, automated and self-optimizing infrastructure.
  • Maintenance Without Disruption: Our service allows customers to improve availability by conducting maintenance without disrupting business operations – via live migration of servers with no downtime.
  • Security Focus. Our Cloud services utilize a dedicated VLAN to enhance security posture and mitigate risk.
  • One-Call Expertise. Enterprise Hosting’s highly experienced IT hosting personnel are available 24/7 to remedy any issues or field questions as needed.
  • Industry-Leading SLAs. Enterprise Hosting’s Cloud Hosting services are backed by robust 99.9% cloud availability and 100% customer satisfaction SLAs.

Enterprise Cloud Service Features:

  • Multi-OS support
  • Enterprise-class, high availability infrastructure
  • Network and system uptime reliability

Private Enterprise Cloud Services

Providing an End-to-End, Dedicated Infrastructure Management Solution

To achieve a computing infrastructure that is dedicated to your specific organization and not shared with other organizations, you can leverage Enterprise Hosting’s Private Enterprise Cloud Services. Our private cloud hosting architecture provides an on-demand, secure, highly-available, enterprise-class environment to deliver your critical applications in a scalable and flexible manner. This service provides dedicated server infrastructure – your servers are dedicated solely to your organization.

The platform allows you to obtain and configure infrastructure, along with additional capacity, while streamlining the tasks associated with deploying new or additional IT assets. Our services are powered by VMware along with Enterprise Hosting’s cloud operations and software support.

Our Private Enterprise Cloud service is designed for organizations that are seeking the highest levels of security or are attempting to meet stringent regulatory requirements or specific software, hardware or OS licensing requirements.

This service allows customers to precisely match their infrastructure costs to their business needs, optimize systems utilization and eliminate wasted investment in unnecessary hardware, software and services while leaning on an experienced cloud hosting service provider for strategic guidance and expertise.

Benefits of Enterprise Hosting’s Private Enterprise Cloud Service include:

  • The Ability to Drive Application Availability: Private Cloud enables the live migration of running servers from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability, and complete transaction integrity. Our dedicated cloud platform utilizes VMware, a key enabling technology for creating the dynamic, automated and self-optimizing infrastructure.
  • Streamlined IT Infrastructure Management: With Private Cloud Services, your organization can streamline the execution of IT management processes such as provisioning, capacity management, availability management, continuity management and service level management. You can also eliminate cumbersome software installations and configurations with virtual appliances, and rapidly provision additional capacity to meet changing business needs.
  • Rapid Provisioning and Instant Allocation: With our Private Enterprise Cloud services, customers gain the ability to continuously and automatically allocate virtual machines within resource pools, and rapidly provision and optimize application environments.
  • Maintenance Without Disruption: Our service allows customers to improve availability by conducting maintenance without disrupting business operations – via live migration of servers with no downtime.

Private Enterprise Cloud Services Features:

  • Highly secure dedicated infrastructure
  • High availability service offering
  • Incremental billing benefits that match your level of activity

Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Service

Combining Physical and Cloud Servers to Meet Defined Requirements

Enterprise Hosting’s Hybrid Cloud Service utilizes both dedicated/collocation servers and cloud servers together in one solution. This allows customers to craft a solution that best meets their availability needs while remaining within their budget. If you need help determining the right hybrid resources to meet your critical requirements, our experts will make recommendations and implement the technologies that will help you to achieve your availability goals.

With a hybrid cloud solution, you gain the ability to continue to use your own existing computing resources while leveraging the cloud to handle more critical application requirements, with increased speed and agility. This ensures that a sudden increase in computing requirements can be handled smoothly and with ease. Additionally, proprietary or legacy applications not certified for the Cloud can be hosted on dedicated or collocated equipment.

Our Hybrid Enterprise Cloud service is designed for organizations that wish to continue to utilize a portion of their own physical environment while leveraging the benefits of cloud utilization. This service is also ideal for companies that need to meet regulatory requirements or that have occasional heavy infrastructure capacity or bursting demands.

Benefits of Enterprise Hosting’s Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Service include:

  • Flexibility, Efficiency and Performance: For some applications and database performance requirements, a hybrid cloud computing solution is required. A combination of dedicated servers and cloud-managed servers offers the best combination of flexibility, efficiency, compliance, and performance. Our cloud solutions can include a spectrum of architecture configurations, with both dedicated and/or shared physical resources.
  • Instant Provisioning and Other Cloud Benefits: A hybrid solution incorporates the same provisioning benefits and incremental billing benefits that apply for cloud solutions as well as the security and reliability of a traditional managed hosting solution, combined.
  • Leverage a Proven Infrastructure for Success: With Enterprise Hosting’s Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Service, you can create a truly hybrid environment, gaining the ability to add cloud servers into your environment where it makes sense. Both types of servers are hosted in Enterprise Hosting’s highly secure and reliable data center environment behind redundant firewalls and network infrastructure.

Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Service Features:

  • A combination of dedicated customer servers and cloud servers help achieve increased flexibility, efficiency, compliance and performance
  • Security and reliability of a managed hosting solution combined with the provisioning and incremental billing benefits of a cloud solution
  • Guidance and expertise of Enterprise Hosting’s seasoned professionals

Disaster Recovery Cloud Services

Leveraging the Natural Benefits of the Cloud for Quick Failover/Recovery

As compared to a traditional recovery solution where a secondary site and dedicated hardware is needed, the inherent benefits of the cloud make it a great alternative for disaster recovery. With our Disaster Recovery Cloud Services, you can choose an active-passive disaster recovery solution to achieve a cost-effective and quick recovery, or active-active disaster recovery for ready-state recovery. With either scenario, the cloud works for you to help you achieve the recovery results you need.

Cloud Restoration Service (Active-Passive Disaster Recovery)

With our Cloud Restoration (active-passive) service, you can set up your servers to your specifications and “park” them (turn them off but keep them in a state where they can be turned on at any time). The primary advantage of this solution is cost benefits – you only pay 25% of the production price per month to keep your servers in this parked state. When you need them, your servers are already pre-configured, so once your data is resynchronized, the servers are up and running. This is an ideal solution for organizations that want the option of quick recovery without the expense of a fully replicated solution.

Cloud Replication Service (Active-Active Disaster Recovery)

With our Cloud Replication (active-active) service, your cloud servers replicate your critical data each night and the servers can be active instantaneously should the need arise. This solution is ideal for organizations that need the assurance of full replication in order to meet aggressive RPOs/RTOs – as data replication is continuous and automatic. This service offers the following cloud replication options:

  • Data Replication
  • Server Replication
  • Database Replication

Benefits of Enterprise Hosting’s Disaster Recovery Cloud Services include:

  • The Ability to Meet Aggressive RPO/RTO Goals: The Cloud Replication Service (active-active solution) provides for continuous and automatic data replication to help you meet your critical recovery goals.
  • Reduced Cost and Quick Recovery: The Cloud Restoration service (active-passive solution) offers reduced costs and quick recovery through the use of servers that are kept in a “parked” state and that can brought up at any time via automated virtual server start-up.
  • Reduced IT Costs and Recovery Times: Cloud recovery services offer minimized IT costs and recovery times through the use of a pay-as-you-go pricing model and virtual platforms.

Disaster Recovery Cloud Service Features:

  • Provides for quick and automated recovery while keeping IT costs in-check
  • Scalability to add additional cloud resources on-demand
  • Elimination of the need for on-premises infrastructure

QA and Test Environments in the Cloud

Additionally, many organizations are leveraging Enterprise Hosting’s cloud environment to perform their QA and testing activities. With cloud-based QA/testing environments, organizations can overcome many of the challenges associated with traditional QA environments and benefit from higher availability and security, on-demand provisioning, resource sharing, better quality, and lower risk. Customers using our cloud hosting service can also achieve end-to-end validation of the testing activities quicker and more easily.

By testing your QA/testing environments in the cloud, you can move from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model and leverage the on-demand and pay-per-use model of cloud computing resources to satisfy your QA/testing requirements.

Benefits of Using a Cloud Environment for QA/Testing:

  • For QA organizations that want a copy of their production database to test against, the cloud can create a duplicate environment quickly and easily
  • For QA organizations that want to revert back to their original data/database following user acceptance testing or training activities, the cloud can reset the data back to a baseline in order to prepare you for the next set of testing

Which Cloud Service is Right for You?

With multiple cloud offerings to choose from – Private, Enterprise, and Hybrid – all powered by Enterprise Hosting’s world-class data center infrastructure and expertise – it may be difficult to understand which solution is best for you. It may be worth considering what type of goals you’re trying to achieve, what benefits are most important (e.g, cost, compliance, security) and what your organization’s future objectives with respect to the cloud might be.

We’ve provided a snapshot of the service offering comparisons, below. Enterprise Hosting’s Solutions Engineering team is standing by and can review your requirements and discuss any of these service options in more detail with you at any time.

Please contact us if you would like to engage us in this type of discussion – we would welcome the opportunity to help.

Enterprise Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud
Reliability 99.999% cloud availability and 100% customer satisfaction SLAs 99.99% cloud availability and 100% customer satisfaction SLAs 99.999% cloud availability and 100% customer satisfaction SLAs
  • Enterprise security
  • Shared firewall with dedicated VLANs
  • Optional intrusion detection
  • Optional dedicated firewall
  • Optional intrusion detection
  • Shared firewall with dedicated VLANs and firewalls
  • Optional intrusion detection
  • Resource pool
  • Ability to burst on-demand
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • Dedicated servers
  • Resource pool and fixed resources
  • Some ability to burst on-demand
  • Enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Optional dedicated storage
  • Enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) or dedicated storage