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White Papers

We have a growing library of white papers that can help you learn more about cloud computing, data backup, security and disaster recovery.

  • Selecting the Ideal Hosting Provider – 7 Criteria that Must Be Evaluated
  • Exploring the Cloud – What It Is, Where It’s Going, and Why It Matters
  • 5 Critical Facts Every IT Professional Must Know Before Moving Their Network To The Cloud
  • 12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backup, Security And Disaster

Decision Making Tools

  • Selection Criteria Checklist
  • Selection Provider Comparison Decision Matrix

Customer Case Studies

The following are Enterprise Hosting case studies.

  • ITCS – Delivering Immediate Customer Benefits via The Cloud
  • Engage PEO – High Growth Startup Company Ramps Up Quickly by Leveraging Enterprise Hosting’s Skills and Experience
  • Netuniform – Smooth Operations through Responsive, Proactive Communication
  • Clarity – Choosing Enterprise Hosting Helped to Turn a New Product Concept into a Fully Implemented and Successful Solution


FREE Cloud Webinar

Our new webinar, On-Ramp To The Cloud, shows small business owners how cloud computing can potentially lower your IT costs, eliminate the hassles of owning and managing IT equipment and provide remote access to work from anywhere on any device.

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Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in the instant-access webinar, On-Ramp To The Cloud.

  • What is “cloud computing” in simple, non-geek-speak language.
  • FAQs about security like where is your data stored and who has access to it, how do you know if your customer information or your product specs are safe.
  • What does Cloud Computing cost and where are the savings?
  • Top reasons why companies are switching to the cloud.
  • How to determine if cloud computing is right for you.

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Customer Testimonial

“After I was able to test the Enterprise Hosting cloud solution and got back those kinds of results, it confirmed for me that cloud is as good as everyone said it was. I bounced ideas off of my peers, and everything lined up — the results were icing on the cake.” – Bill Flanagan , ITCS, Principal

By moving to the Enterprise Hosting cloud solution, ITCS attained the following:

  • Increase the speed of its reporting by 16%
  • Increase the speed of its database inserts (writes to the database) by34%
  • Increase the database exports by 58%
  • Enhance end-user website usability by 36%
  • Increase efficiency of navigation on the ITCS website by 36%