Atlanta Colocation / Data Center Solutions

Rack Space

Rack space options include a designated lockable cabinet or a space within a cabinet (rack space) for the placement of the customer’s equipment.

  • SSAE 16 Certified Data Center (formerly known as SAS 70 Certification)
  • Dimensions: 96”(H) x 24”(W) x 42”(D)
  • Total 46U EIA rack spaces, one EIA “U” is 1.75 inches
  • Full height, two-door configurations
  • Secure side panels
  • Universal square mounting holes
  • 19” or 23” EIA adjustable racks accept all server factory mounting rails
  • Two 20-amp, 12-outlet, 120-volt A & B power strips
  • Private security using an electronic card key with customer pin code or lock and key
  • Visual monitoring by secure CCTV cameras
  • Cabinets/Racks located on top of an 18” raised floor architecture
  • Colocation Data Center Space

The physical location of customer equipment within the data center will be determined by Enterprise Hosting, factoring in space availability and customer needs. Customers will be allocated colocation space, cabinets or cages based on the amount of equipment being colocated, the classification(s) of service to which the customer has subscribed, and the colocation space the customer has purchased.

Colocation Power

Each Enterprise Hosting data center in Atlanta has N+1 or 2N (dual, fully redundant) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. The UPS systems receive power from both the commercial power utility and the standby generators. Generators are built in an N+1 design. Additionally, each UPS system feeds redundant power distribution units (PDUs) separately, feeding A and B circuits to each cabinet or colocation rack. In the event of a commercial power failure, the standby generators are available to provide power to the data center within one minute of a commercial power outage. The one-minute gap is covered by the UPS battery system. During an extended commercial power outage, the diesel generators provide power using the fuel already stored on site. Each colocation data center in Atlanta has a multiple-day fuel supply, with fuel delivery arrangements in place, if needed. Power configurations vary, based on specific requirements of the customer’s IT infrastructure. Based on the space requirement, Enterprise Hosting will provide different options for power.