Founded in 2005, and headquartered in Atlanta, Enterprise Hosting specializes in providing secure cloud computing and application hosting solutions for companies with critical business applications. Enterprise Hosting primarily focuses on providing hosting solutions that are secure, compliant and available. Our hosting solutions include Cloud Computing Solutions (multi-tenant and private), managed services and managed hosting.

Why do companies like American Airlines, NASCAR and Horizon host their critical business applications with Enterprise Hosting?

Our customers desire a secure and reliable cloud and managed hosting platform at a reasonable price for their mission critical applications.  They want an enterprise-class hosting solution with exceptional customer service.  Our customers want to focus on their applications rather than all of the infrastructure to provide their users with high performance and availability to the applications.  Our customers want the underlying infrastructure and associated management to be an afterthought.

Our Roots

Mark Scully, started in the data center business in 1998, working for a startup company, Inflow, Inc.   Inflow was a colocation provider that built and managed 17 data centers throughout North America.  Inflow was widely recognized for providing exceptional customer service to their clients who were collocating critical IT infrastructure in their data centers.  In 2005, Inflow was purchased by SunGard.  SunGard is a multi-billion dollar company and due to the sheer size, the Inflow service engine could not be sustained once integrated into the much larger SunGard.  Mark found that the wheels turn a little too slow at multi-billion dollar companies to serve customers at the flexibility levels required in today’s IT environments.  In 2005, Mark acted on the opportunity and started Enterprise Hosting, to provide enterprise-class hosting solutions with an exceptional customer support.  To bring it full circle, Enterprise Hosting leases data center space from SunGard, thereby providing our customers the best of both worlds – a large, brand-name data center with financial stability coupled with our enterprise-class infrastructure and boutique class of service.