Choosing Enterprise Hosting Helped Turn A New Product Concept Into A Fully Implemented And Successful Solution

Customer Challenge: Finding a Reliable Provider to Host New Product

Looking for a reliable data center environment to host its newly developed, Asterisk technology-based software application, Clarity (a division of Plantronics) had “seen it all” with respect to IT providers in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Some of the data centers that Clarity toured had seven-feet thick concrete floors, many were converted to data centers from other types of businesses (such a restaurants and print shops), and most were lacking the critical security measures needed to truly protect customer server environments.

“When we toured the Enterprise Hosting data center in Atlanta, we were impressed with the sophisticated security systems,” said Doug Kilgore, Systems Engineer for Clarity. “I’ve worked at companies like IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Coca-Cola, and I have seen professional data centers that companies put in. Enterprise Hosting’s data center beat those facilities, hands-down. The raised floor was beautiful, there were multiple security gates, and we just knew that we had found the provider for us.”

Enterprise Hosting’s Capabilities and Knowledge Resulted in Astonishing Service

“When you work with Enterprise Hosting, they get things done. In IT, you’re always waiting for that other shoe to drop. With Enterprise Hosting, you never need to worry about that. It’s just not going to happen.”

– Doug Kilgore, Clarity Systems Engineer

Enterprise Hosting has provided managed hosting IT services to Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Clarity since 2009. However, one of the major things that Enterprise Hosting did for Clarity was in the very beginning — to help the company with its newly developed product that used Asterisk-based technology. (Asterisk is an open-source PBX system – the most popular open source telephone system in the world.) Clarity needed to know how to get its product up and running, and Mark Scully, Enterprise Hosting General Manager, knew just the partner to put them in touch with.

“It was an extremely fortunate string of events – just like dominos,” said Doug.“As soon as we started talking to Mark Scully, everything immediately fell into place. Now that we look back on it, we are astonished at how quickly we were able to go from a circuit board prototype into a piece of software inside an open-sourced PBX. We meet up with Mark, everything works together, and a couple of years later, our Asterisk PBX application is an award winner.”

The company’s ClarityLogic product won the 2011 Digium Innovation Award. The Innovation Award is designed to recognize developers, customers and partners for outstanding achievements that are improving business processes, overcoming technology challenges and enhancing the company’s bottom line. ClarityLogic is a first-of-its-kind service that enables customer representatives to remotely retrieve and adjust settings, quickly resolving customer issues. This is critically important for Clarity’s primary customer – senior citizens – as many have a difficult time hearing, remembering and performing complex, technical instructions given over the phone.

By utilizing Enterprise Hosting’s managed IT hosting solutions, Clarity was able to:

  • Get its newly developed, Asterisk technology-based product up and running quickly and seamlessly – much quicker than anticipated
  • Obtain a highly secure, state-of-the-art data center to host its mission-critical environment
  • Leverage Enterprise Hosting’s fiber connections back to the carriers – providing a level of service that other competitors could not

Why Enterprise Hosting?

From the beginning, Clarity knew that it could leverage Enterprise Hosting’s expert support, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive capabilities to achieve fast, easy service.

“When you work with Mark’s company, they get things done,” said Doug. “In IT, you’re always waiting for that other shoe to drop. With Enterprise Hosting, you never need to worry about that. It’s just not going to happen.”

And since moving to Enterprise Hosting, Clarity has not experienced any significant issues affecting its ClarityLogic product.

“Voice-over IP has very distinctive effects when things are not working well – the quality of your voice connection downgrades,” said Doug. “We never had to worry about that once we moved to Enterprise Hosting – because of its robust network and fiber connections back to the carriers, we never lost voice quality. The other providers we looked at did not have fiber connections back to the carriers. Mark was able to provide that level of service that other providers were incapable of providing.”

About Enterprise Hosting

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Enterprise Hosting provides secure IT hosting solutions for companies with critical business applications. Enterprise Hosting’s primary focus is to help provide continuous availability of these critical applications through a wide range of services—from colocation to enterprise cloud services, and everything in between.

At Enterprise Hosting, we utilize a proprietary operational framework that allows us to deliver a consistently high quality of service to our customers. Our framework consists of over 100 operational procedures combined with a world-class operational support system.