High Growth Startup Company Ramps Up Quickly by Leveraging Enterprise Hosting’s Skills and Experience

Customer Challenge: Seeking a Reliable Cloud Solution at a Competitive Cost

Founded in June of 2011, Engage PEO is a fast-paced startup that was looking to grow quickly. Although Engage’s IT group had experience operating within a “private” cloud framework, they quickly realized that environment would not work for a smaller start-up.

“We were in a similar environment before, but it had a much different pricing structure,” said Ralph Labarta, Chief Technology Officer for Engage PEO. “We found greater value in the Enterprise Hosting offering – which still was a cloud offering but provided in a pricing structure that was much more workable.”

Enterprise Hosting “Template” Framework Accelerated Implementation

To add to the price tag, their previous experience included providing internal technology management services, which was expensive because the company had to have all of the associated staff onboard to support their IT operations (e.g., network and SAN resources). When the company found Enterprise Hosting, they were excited about the prospect of avoiding those costs while gaining the same level of performance, or better.

“In addition to the cost structure, our biggest concern was the ability to ramp up and become operational in a compressed amount of time,” said Ralph. “We started at Enterprise Hosting ‘from scratch,’ meaning, we didn’t have our own equipment, software, or technical resources. The Enterprise Hosting cloud solution offered a virtualized environment – the same expensive virtualization framework that we had experience with. But Enterprise Hosting provided the template – we didn’t have to recreate that wheel. And, it was a cost-effective solution for us because Enterprise Hosting shared those resources across multiple customers.”

“Enterprise Hosting excelled in providing us with the ability to ramp up very quickly by getting through the challenges that come with any new endeavor. Because of their expertise, we got through those steps very quickly and seamlessly.”

-Ralph Labarta,
Engage PEO CTO

The Enterprise Hosting environment supports Engage PEO’s mission-critical applications and back office automation. Another advantage for Engage PEO was that once the company was onboard, Enterprise Hosting surpassed their expectations for implementation time and effectiveness.

He continued, “If everything is going right, your vendor should get you into operational mode and talk to you as little as possible. I shouldn’t be using a lot of the vendor’s engineering resources – if they do their jobs right, problems don’t occur. This is exactly what we experienced at Enterprise Hosting.”

By utilizing Enterprise Hosting’s cloud solution, Engage PEO was able to:

  • Save substantial costs over a larger provider’s private cloud solution
  • Leverage Enterprise Hosting’s flexible, knowledgeable engineers to ramp up implementation in half the expected time
  • Utilize Enterprise Hosting’s template framework to achieve operational success

Why Enterprise Hosting?

From the beginning, Engage PEO was able to leverage Enterprise Hosting’s template operational framework, innovative services, and skilled resources for success. Ralph estimated that to get everything done for the implementation – including putting in the software, getting the infrastructure in place, getting the servers turned on and working with the vendors – the quickest that it could be done was approximately 60 days.

“What occurred was, we got through the infrastructure ramp up very quickly – which accelerated the day that our vendors could get their hands on the hardware. That pushed the entire timeline forward for us,” said Ralph. “An area where we stumbled was with the software vendors and their ability to get the software up and running. The Enterprise Hosting team even stepped up to get some of these issues resolved with the vendors – and these issues didn’t have anything to do with them. As a result, we were up and running in half the time that we expected.

He added, “During a ramp-up, the more time that the vendor spends with you in resolving issues and avoiding issues, the faster that implementation can go. Enterprise Hosting dedicated resources to us, put us into implementation mode, and put us in a template framework very quickly. They were able to switch gears so as to help us with what we were trying to achieve.

Ralph feels that when you choose a larger company for your IT vendor, getting assistance with things “outside of the box” – such as QOS, traffic shaping, issues with certificates, etc. – can be problematic.

“Larger companies struggle with that,” Ralph said. “Their engineers can only do certain things. This is where Enterprise Hosting excels – their engineers have a lot more flexibility in troubleshooting and resolution that you wouldn’t normally be able to leverage from a standard, in-the-box engineer. When you’re a small company, you are highly dependent on the skills of a key vendor such as Enterprise Hosting. You need that level of support.

About Engage PEO

Engage PEO delivers HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Its customers are able to strengthen their businesses through its suite of human resource solutions. Engage PEO delivers payroll and benefits services with unparalleled expertise, offered through its network of broker partners.


About Enterprise Hosting

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