Delivering Immediate Customer Benefits Via The Cloud

Customer Challenge: Overcoming the Familiar

An Enterprise Hosting customer with five dedicated servers, ITCS Principal Bill Flanagan was beginning to hear the “buzz” about the benefits of cloud solutions. However, he had a few doubts. Bill knew dedicated environments, as he had been managing them for 25 years. With cloud, he didn’t really know what to expect – specifically, he had concerns around how data management worked within a cloud environment.

When Enterprise Hosting CEO Mark Scully offered Bill a 30-day beta period to try cloud services, Bill decided to accept the offer and conduct load testing of the solution before making a decision. The stats that came back as a result of the testing were astounding. Bill knew then that cloud was not only as good as everyone said it was, but better.

“After I was able to test my cloud solution and got back those kinds of results, it confirmed for me that cloud is as good as everyone said it was. I bounced ideas off of my peers, and everything lined up— the results were icing on the cake,” said Bill.

Enterprise Hosting Solution: The Numbers Didn’t Lie

“After I was able to test the Enterprise Hosting cloud solution and got back those kinds of results, it confirmed for me that cloud is as good as everyone said it was. I bounced ideas off of my peers, and everything lined up –– the results were icing on the cake.” – Bill Flanagan, ITCS Principal

ITCS is a provider of time and attendance solutions servicing more than 700 customers across the globe—in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and European markets. Its ITCS-WebClockTM is an online employee time and attendance software product that integrates with payroll and financial systems to streamline payroll operations and provide real-time reporting.

Because ITCS’s customers need continuous access to real-time attendance and payroll information, Bill needed to ensure that his company’s product would run on the highest-performing IT platform possible.

By utilizing Enterprise Hosting’s cloud platform, ITCS was able to:

  • Increase the speed of its reporting by 16%
  • Increase the speed of its database inserts (writes to the database) by34%
  • Increase the database exports by 58%
  • Enhance end-user website usability by 36%
  • Increase efficiency of navigation on the ITCS website by 36%

After a seamless move to Enterprise Hosting’s cloud solution, ITCS was pleased that it could now improve its performance, business, and operations – and achieve a more satisfied client base.

“Customers conceptually understand cloud and its benefits— even at the user level. For me, the load testing was the decision maker . Once that occurred, we knew that moving to this solution was what we wanted to do,” Flanagan said.

Why Enterprise Hosting?

As with any type of vendor selection process, ITCS had other options to consider. Bill evaluated other competitors, such as RackSpace and SoftLayer, as potential providers. However, ultimately, the organization felt that these competitors wouldn’t provide the same level of customer service and intimacy as Enterprise Hosting.

“I got the feeling that with a couple of the other companies, I would be ‘out on a raft,’ somewhat – doing everything myself,” said Flanagan. “Enterprise Hosting provides a higher level of service. They understand my challenges and work hard to help me solve them.”

Another advantage for Enterprise Hosting, according to Bill, was the company’s leader, Mark Scully.

“I am very performance-sensitive – I have to feel that our organization is high-performing in everything it does, from customer service to the best possible price for our services,” Flanagan said. “I feel that Mark understands that and matches my level of performance with a similar level of performance from his company. Enterprise Hosting services me well, so I can then service my customers well. They charge me fairly, which allows me to charge my customers fairly.”

After using the cloud platform, ITCS has already seen a promising growth trend for the future – the organization has grown three percent in just three months.

“Our move to the cloud has put us in a position of growth. As a result, we are able to offer our customers enhanced service,” said Flanagan.

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