Responsiveness And Proactive Communication From Enterprise Hosting Provides For Smooth Operations

Customer Challenge: Ensuring a Successful Transition from Previous Provider

Netuniform was with its former service provider, AppSite, for several years before Enterprise Hosting acquired AppSite in 2011. Netuniform has a dedicated server that it uses to support its online uniform business – and because it was just one server, it was critical that the transition to Enterprise Hosting be performed seamlessly.

“We transitioned over to the new server in May, 2011 – ahead of the deadline,” said Mindi Katz, owner of Netuniform. “We had no issues whatsoever in the transition – Enterprise Hosting took care of everything that we needed and it went very, very smoothly. The company’s CEO, Mark Scully, personally reached out to me a number of times to make sure everything was going ok – he made sure that there would be no data loss in the transition by personally going out of his way to check on everything for us. I was particularly grateful for that.”

Enterprise Hosting’s Performance, Low Cost and Personal Attention = Success

Mindi started up the uniform business in the late 1990s and has been running it online ever since. Because the company offers a wide selection of uniforms from leading manufacturers on its website, it is imperative that the company’s hosting solution achieves the highest levels of uptime and performance possible.

“Our uptime at Enterprise Hosting has been terrific, in fact, I’d say our performance is a little better now. It is extremely rare that we have any downtime, and if we do, we call and Enterprise Hosting takes care of it right away by doing things like troubleshooting issues or rebooting the machine if it needs it. We really haven’t noticed any issues whatsoever.”

– Mindi Katz, Owner

As a small business, it is also important that the company streamlines its budget and leverages cost efficiencies wherever possible.

“We’ve been very pleased with our IT spend at Enterprise Hosting. We have an affordable rate and feel that we’ve received excellent value for our IT spend,” Mindi said.

By utilizing Enterprise Hosting’s managed IT hosting solutions, Netuniform was able to:

  • Achieve a seamless transition to Enterprise Hosting from its previous provider
  • Increase its level of performance
  • Obtain a good value for its IT spend
  • Receive personalized attention that provides a high level of comfort and peace of mind

Why Enterprise Hosting?

Mindi didn’t feel the need to evaluate other vendors when the time came to transition from AppSite, because Enterprise Hosting had contacted Netuniform proactively, reassuring her that everything would be attended to properly.

“Enterprise Hosting seemed like an extremely high quality organization that had all of the bases covered,” Mindi said. “There didn’t seem to be a reason to look elsewhere.”

Enterprise Hosting’s biggest value proposition, according to Mindi, is the personal attention demonstrated by the organization as a whole and by the company’s leader, Mark Scully.

“What I particularly value is that I can email Mark personally and he takes care of the issue right away,” she said. “That’s different from most service providers, where you would typically reach a help center that may be staffed by different people each day. We don’t get a help center when we call in to Enterprise Hosting, we get a dedicated point of contact. That is a powerful differentiator.”

Added Mindi, “My impression is that our experience is common to many customers of Enterprise Hosting – if you have somebody that you know you can call that is familiar with your environment, it’s very comforting because the server is such a critical part of our online business. Having the security that the person who is responding to you actually knows you and your environment – that is a wonderful feature.”

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