FTP Monitor

FTP Server Monitor Package

FTP Web Server monitoring verifies that an colocated FTP Web server is available and capable of transferring files from our hosting center.

Why should I use the FTP Monitor Package?

It’s important to ensure that your FTP server is functioning properly if you provide FTP access to files from your hosted IT infrastructure. Inaccessible files are frustrating to customers and will potentially pull them away from your website. The FTP Server Monitoring Package from Enterprise Hosting ensures that you are notified first that a problem has arisen, allowing you time to correct the problem at hand immediately. FTP Server monitoring provides:

  • Automated verification that your FTP server is available and functioning properly from your hosting center
  • Immediate notification of FTP service problems
  • Streamlined troubleshooting in the event of FTP-dependent application failure

The following monitors are included in the FTP Server Monitor Package:

(1) FTP Monitor- The FTP Monitor attempts to log into hosted FTP server and retrieve a specified file from the site. Successful file retrieval assures you that your hosted FTP server is functioning properly. In addition, the FTP server monitor can verify the contents of the file, either by matching the content for a string of text or by checking to see if the contents of the file have changed.

(3) DNS Monitors- The DNS Server Monitor checks a Domain Name Server via the network. It verifies that the DNS server is accepting requests and that the address for a specific domain name can be found.

(1) Port Monitor– The Port Monitor verifies that a connection can be made to network port 21 and measures the length of time it takes to make the connection to the hosting center. Optionally, it can look for a string of text to be returned or send a string of text once the connection is made.