Mail Monitor

E-Mail Monitor Package

eMail monitoring checks an eMail Server via the network. The monitor verifies that a connection can be made to the email server and that a message can be sent and retrieved to the Enterprise Hosting hosting center.

Why should I use the e-Mail Monitor Package?

Most companies are heavily dependent on e-mail today, so much so that often times the success of the business depends on timely and dependable communications. The eMail Monitor Package ensures that the hosted e-mail server is both accepting and delivering messages properly, ensuring that your e-mail server is functioning properly and no e-mails are lost. Email monitoring provides:

  • Consistent verification that your company can receive and send e-mail
  • Assurance that your hosted application is effectively “closing the loop” by confirming orders that have been placed, sending thank you messages, etc.
  • Immediate notification of customer-impacting email problems

The following hosting monitors are included in the eMail Monitor Package:

(1) eMail Monitor– The eMail Monitor verifies email functionality by sending a standard email message using SMTP and then retrieving that same message via a POP user account. Each message that is sent includes a unique key that checks to insure it doesn’t retrieve the wrong message.

(3) DNS Server Monitors- The DNS Monitor checks a Domain Name Server via the hosting network. It verifies that the DNS server is accepting requests and that the address for a specific domain name can be found.

(1) Port Monitor– The Port Monitor verifies that a connection can be made to network port 25 and measures the length of time it takes to make the connection to your server. Optionally, it can look for a string of text to be returned or send a string of text once the connection is made to your server in our Hosting center.