Network Equipment Monitor

Network Equipment Monitor Package

Without network throughput, your customers will not reach your web application. Network Equipment monitoring helps ensure that the critical data generated by your application has a clear, high-performance path to reach your customers.

Why should I use the Network Equipment Monitor Package?

The functionality of your network equipment and throughput directly impacts your customers’ access to your hosted application, as well as the performance of your application.

Network Equipment monitoring from the Enterprise Hosting data center provides:

  • Consistent verification of colocated network equipment availability and performance
  • Immediate notification of colocation and hosting-related Internet connectivity and VOIP problems
  • Streamlined troubleshooting of customer Internet and VOIP connectivity problems

The following monitors are included in the Network Equipment Monitoring Package:

(8) SNMP Monitors – The SNMP Monitor reads a value from an SNMP manageable device.

(2) PING Monitors – The PING Monitor checks the availability of a router, switch or hub via the network This ensures that your machine is alive and well, and helps identify network congestion. The Ping Monitor obtains two of the most common measurements used to determine if your network connection is congested: Round Trip Time and Loss Percentage.