Transaction Monitor

Transaction Monitor Package

Transaction monitoring simulates the actions of an end-user traversing your application. This is particularly useful for monitoring and testing multiple web transactions within your IT applications. Step-by-step user actions are defined and tested at regular intervals. A performance threshold is established for the customer transaction so Enterprise Hosting’s monitoring staff will be notified of any customer-impacting performance problem.

Why should I use the Transaction Monitor Package?

Customer experience is the ultimate test of any application. The transaction monitor is an integrated monitor that allows you to immediately identify performance problems with your colocated environment, just as a customer would experience them.

Transaction Monitor provides:

  • True monitoring of a simulated customer experience using your application
  • Immediate notification of customer-impacting performance problems
  • Cross-application monitoring to help pinpoint the problem source

The following monitor is included in the Transaction Monitor Package:

  • (1) URL Transaction Monitor