Website Monitor

Web Site Server Monitor Package

Web Site monitoring provides focused monitoring of an end-user’s initial interaction with your web site. This web site monitor tests the speed and consistency of a user’s attempt to connect to your site and verifies the accuracy of dynamic information presented to your customers.

Why should I use the Web Site Monitoring Package?

It goes without saying that customers must first successfully connect to your website to bring you their business. Studies have shown that about 10% of web users will never return to a site with which they were unable to connect on the first attempt. With the Web Site Monitoring Package, you can ensure that your customers are able to reach your hosted site, and that they will receive the expected data for their visit.

Web Hosting Site monitoring provides:

  • True monitoring of a customer’s ability to connect to critical segments of your hosted web site
  • Immediate notification of customer-impacting connectivity problems
  • Streamlined troubleshooting in the event of connectivity failure

The following monitors are included in the Web Hosting Site Monitor Package:

(3) URL Monitors – The URL Monitor’s core function is to attempt to reach a specified hosted Web page to verify that it can be retrieved. In addition, the URL Monitor can help you verify that CGI scripts and back-end databases are functioning properly and check for specific content, values or changes on the page. Additional URLs can be monitored for an additional fee.

(3) DNS Monitors – The DNS Monitor checks a Domain Name Server via the network. It verifies that the DNS server is accepting requests and that the address for a specific domain name can be found.

(1) Port Monitor – The Port Monitor verifies that a connection can be made to the network port 80 and measures the length of time it takes to make the connection. Optionally, it can look for a string of text to be returned or send a string of text once the connection is made.

The following advanced Web Site Monitors can be added for an additional fee:

URL List Monitor – The URL List Monitor is used to check a large list of URLs hosted in our data center. Web hosting providers (to measure the availability and performance of their customers’ web sites) commonly use this monitor. (limit 50 URLs per URL List Monitor.)

URL Content Monitor – The URL Content Monitor is a variation of the URL Monitor that can match up to ten values from the content of a specified URL. This monitor should be used if you need to retrieve multiple values from the content of one URL hosted in our center. Otherwise, the standard URL Monitor is normally used.