VOIP Solutions

VOIP Traffic: Voice Peering Network

VOIP Applications or IP PBXs

Many of today’s leading technology companies are migrating to IP-based telephony systems. This may involve an Asterisk IP PBX from Digium, or could be a component of integration into their web application. Although these systems are categorized as mission-critical — on par with web applications — they are often hosted in an environment that is not conducive to delivering the type of availability required. The underlying reason for colocating in a less than ideal environment is that the systems need to interface with telecom circuits in order to deliver the type of QOS and voice quality desired.

Enterprise Hosting has developed a Voice Peering Network within our Atlanta data center that allows our customers to subscribe to a closed network that guarantees end-to-end transport and QOS of their voice packets.

Leverage Your Existing Voice Contracts

Our Voice Peering Network is an enabler to your VOIP application or IP PBX. Enterprise Hosting, simply put, is a guaranteed transport mechanism, rather than a VOIP service provider. You can negotiate your own contract(s) with our providers, your own costs, throughput, etc. We are simply guaranteeing the throughput and quality of that transport.

Redundant Architecture

Our Voice Peering Network allows for a multitude of choices between carriers. When you leverage our architecture from within our Atlanta hosting data center, you have built-in redundancy in the event of a carrier outage. You have the option of securing contracts with two or more carriers, and simply switching based on the unavailability of your primary carrier, or you can use our Managed Internet Solution as a fall-back during a reduced state of the primary Voice Peering Network. SlotsPill Portfolio – Welcome- Free Slots