Digium-Based Asterisk PBX Server Hosting

Asterisk VOIP Applications – Needs A Unique Environment

Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit.  Asterisk is often used to provide applications utilizing both Voice and traditional Web/Data functionality.  These critical web/voice applications are typically hosted in a specialized data center or web hosting environment.  But, when VOIP technologies are being utilized in a critical business application, Internet connections that are normally provided in Web Hosting data centers will not suffice.  The performance of VOIP over normal Internet will lead to distorted call quality and unsatisfactory user experiences.  Therefore, Enterprise Hosting has built a unique environment, that along with the normal requirements for a Web Hosting application, we have added the required enhancements for VOIP applications to perform at an traditional Analog/Digital Voice levels.

Enterprise Hosting provides a guaranteed Virtual Routing Service that provides an assurance of Voice Quality.  Connections to raw Internet pipes will not suffice for Asterisk (or any other VOIP PBX) VOIP applications that require Quality of Service.  Our Virtual Routing Service will ensure sub 40 ms latency for your VOIP packets as we directly transport and route your data to your choice of five different providers.  This allows us to gurantee transport and performance associated with that transport.  If you have a mission critical VOIP application, we encourage you to speak with us about your requirements.