QoS-Enabled Hosted Asterisk Functionality And Capabilities

Asterisk is named after the Unix/Linux wild-card character because, like the wild-card, Asterisk can be virtually anything. Below are just some of the capabilities of a hosted asterisk server.


Asterisk was originally built as a PBX and today represents an astonishing 18% of global market for business telephone systems. The base feature set of an Digium Asterisk PBX configuration includes many of the most popular and powerful PBX functions.

VOIP Gateway

Gateways connect legacy phone equipment (PBXs, ACDs, voicemail systems, etc.) to modern VoIP systems and services. Asterisk supports many different communications protocols from both the modern world of VoIP and from the legacy PSTN. This makes a hosted Asterisk server a powerful tool for building gateways and protocol converters.

Voice Mail

Asterisk’s integrated voicemail application allows integrators to replace proprietary legacy voicemail systems with Asterisk-based solutions at a fraction of the cost. Asterisk’s voicemail can be implemented as a basic stand-alone system or can act as the front end to a Unified Messaging system, storing message using IMAP or ODBC.


Interactive Voice Response (a.k.a. IVR) allows companies to save money and eliminates manual repetitive tasks. Asterisk makes it easy to build IVR applications that respond to tone or speech input from the caller. Asterisk’s support for data access of over HTTP and ODBC makes integrating the IVR with the data stores simple and reliable.


Asterisk’s “MeetMe” conference bridge application allows you to build sophisticated multi-party conference applications with only a few lines of Dialplan script. Capable of scaling to hundreds of parties, Asterisk-based conference servers represent one of the most compelling values of Asterisk.


Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) allow call centers to handle thousands of simultaneous calls, routing them to agents based on caller input, dialed number, load and other factors. ACD systems typically cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and require specialized training to install and operate. With Asterisk you can build a powerful ACD for the cost of the server hardware and phones.

Hosted Asterisk Custom Functions

  • Auto Dialing such as Reverse911/Community Notifications, Telemarketing, Political Polling, Automated Collections & Appointment Reminders
  • Send an IM that prompts a Hosted Asterisk Server to make calls out to link two different callers together.
  • Hosting an Asterisk Server can allow web site members to have a voice recording on their profile page by just calling a phone number, entering in their profile number and recording it.
  • Provide an IVR that give you access to your home automation to turn on/off lights, open the driveway gate, garage door, etc.
  • Integrating a Hosted Asterisk Server with Nagios to automatically generate alerts for service outages.
  • Monitor/record your phone calls or employees phone calls
  • Integrate with TV graphics systems to provide a live count of open phone lines for a religious broadcaster during a fund raising drive
  • Integrate with SMS content platform so when an SMS is sent with a special keyword, a call-back from Asterisk is initiated to the sender of the SMS and the content associated with the keyword is played back for them.
  • Implement large Multi-site Call Centers with screen pops integrating with custom order entry tools.
  • Automatically screen telemarketers using the http://www.whocalled.us web api with AGI
  • Integrate your Hosted Digium Asterisk Server with billing system in order to re-sell toll-free services to third parties.
  • Using Asterisk you can create a virtual hunt group for your department.
  • Implement on hold games to amuse customers forced to wait in queue. IVR trivia for example. Vary their queue position based upon their answers.
  • Develop and host a virtual telephone contest. Nationwide contest, run multiple weeks and multiple times per day set to the atomic clock. Specific caller wins I.E. the 101st caller – YOU win!, call record the happy winner, and patch the winner to the local radio station in one of the 50 states the call came into. Also, record the runner- up and 3rd place winner for each contest. All while you watch and see the calls online.
  • Spoof the outbound caller ID when outbound calling.
  • Provide a wake up call service to your phone when you receive your wakeup call have it quote stock prices, weather, flight information or a pre-recorded message
  • Utilize our Hosted Digium Asterisk Server as the basis for a dial-in conference bridge service