QoS-Enabled Hosted Asterisk Server

Enterprise Hosting has developed into a niche hosting provider for Asterisk-based solutions. In today’s world of relying on collaborated communication technologies, we have witnessed the marriage between traditional web applications, and voice applications. Enterprise Hosting provides a unique,QoS-controlled environment for custom-developed and mission critical Asterisk applications.

Hosted Asterisk applications and PBX systems do not function to the level of quality found in traditional voice systems, when the Asterisk server is connected to traditional Internet providers. Quality of Service is not available using those connections, which results in distorted call quality and user frustration. The flip side of that equation is the fact that your web applications need the traditional Internet network in order to realize good network performance.

The Solution

Our Asterisk Hosting services utilize networks from the best of both network worlds. Our hosted Asterisk servers connect to our Voice Fabric of traditional telephony providers in order to provide QOS-controlled and guaranteed call quality. At the same time, your web application traffic is routed through a multi-homed Cisco network of Tier One Internet Service Providers (AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Sprint, Etc.). This allows your hosted Asterisk application to be integrated with your traditional web application, while providing the quality user experience for both environments to your customer. See our network diagram below.

The All Encompassing Solution

Enterprise Hosting will supply your hosted Asterisk server with QoS-managed VoIP managed Asterisk servers, telephony call plans (minutes and DIDs) andQoS controlled networks for you; alternatively you can provide and colocate your own server infrastructure. Our service portfolio is entirely ala carte. phone service you’re your VoIP network and SIP switch, while providing a BGP, multi-homed Cisco Network of Internet providers for your web traffic. Enterprise Hosting can provide Network Diagram of our Hosted Asterisk Server using QoS-enabled telephony networks.