Secure QuickBooks Hosting for Accounting Firms

QuickBooks Hosting for Accounting Firms

A Secure QuickBooks Hosting Solution for Accounting Firms

Hosting QuickBooks for multi-user use is becoming common practice for Accounting firms. The challenge begins with providing secure access to multiple customers, while maintaining each customer’s access to their own individual database and reports. Furthermore, securing QuickBooks from all of the unwanted users on the Internet complicates the challenge. One of the most devastating events that an Accounting firm can experience is to expose their customer data to intruders lurking out on the public networks. Not only a PR nightmare, it will also impact their customers and the confidential data they were storing. The event will almost certainly end in litigation.

Enterprise Hosting offers a secure solution for hosting QuickBooks for Accounting Firms. In order to properly secure your QuickBooks environment, it is essential to use enterprise-class infrastructure that is designed by certified engineers to be both fault-tolerant and secure. Accounting Firms are focused on Accounting for their customers rather than the every day tasks to manage and secure the environment.

Our Secure QuickBooks Solution Includes:

    • Enterprise-Class, Brand-Name Infrastructure (Dell, Cisco, Juniper, etc.)
    • Redundant Managed Firewalls – Custom Security Policy per your requirements managed by Certified Security Engineers
    • Redundant Connections to High-Performance, Multi-homed Internet (Connects to at least 3 Internet Carriers)
    • Redundant Managed Switch Gear – Juniper
    • Dedicated VLAN to segregate customer environment from other customers – Best Practice Security Item
    • Dedicated IP Range to further segregate customer environment from others – Best Practice Security Item
    • Nightly Backups with Nightly Randomly Tested Restorations to ensure data restorability
    • Monthly Vulnerability Scans on your QuickBooks Servers to Protect from Outside Intruders
    • Compliant – SSAE 16 Certified Data Centers
    • Server Monitoring
    • Access to Dedicated Support Team
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or your Money Back – Unique to the Industry, we stand behind our solutions
    • Boutique service level coupled with enterprise class IT infrastructure – no cutting corners
    • All-Encompassing Aggressive Uptime SLAs of 99.999%

Enterprise Hosting’s business is centered on ensuring a customer’s managed environment is always secure and operational. We invest in the tools, people, and solutions required to guarantee that. Please request a demo of our QuickBooks hosting services, and we will provide login credentials.